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Atro Sourcing is a Turkey Trading and Sourcing company based in Istanbul and has been involved in sourcing business for over 35 years.

Product Sourcing

Request for Information. Sourcing the Manufacturer. Price Negotiation. Supplier Verification. Request for Quote. Cost Evaluation.

Quality Inspection

Sample Inspection. Production Inspection. Pre-Shipment Inspection. Container Loading Check. Production Follow-up.

Order Monitoring

Order Fulfillment. Order Status Reporting. Logistic Support. Shipment Arrangement. Freight Forwarding. Post-Sales Service.

Atro Sourcing Goods in Turkey

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Assured Quality

We guarantee the products you order are manufactured and delivered on time and at the quality you expect. Our quality control team checks the compliance of the manufactured goods with the appropriate standards.

Quality Product Sourcing in Turkey
Manufacturing in Turkey Turkish Products

Your Reliable Partner in Turkey

Atro Sourcing offers complete solutions for companies wishing to source goods from Turkey. With us, you can outsource some parts of your production, to save the money. From product manufacturing to quality control and delivery, we will be your reliable partner for all your specific needs. If you are looking for a Turkish sourcing agent in Europe or anywhere across the world, we are here to help you.

Why Atro Sourcing

Sourcing and Shipping Services
Quality Control Services for the Manufactured Products in Turkey

Protection of IP during the manufacturing the goods in Turkey
International Shipment from Turkey



We use only the reliable manufacturers with strong references and appropriate quality certifications.



Starting from the concept stage, we ensure that your design and quality requirements are 100% achieved.



With all necessary inspections we ensure that when the products are delivered to you, they’ll meet your expectations.



We handle all aspects of the shipping process from manufacturer factory to your address.



We take care of all licensing and testing issues too. So there’s no any chance for concerns regarding IP.



We’ll look after you from the beginning until you get your goods. With Atro Sourcing, you’re in good hands.

Your Reliable Partner

With 35 year experience, we ensure quality control, security of your payment, on time delivery and with our support you get what you pay for.